At UMBC, learning can transcend the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Our campus community actively fosters experiential learning opportunities, spanning from internships and service learning to diverse projects and beyond. These experiences unfold across UMBC’s campus and extends regionally beyond our physical borders. Yet, the true value of these experiential learning activities often surpasses what can be captured by mere transcript notations. Or worse, may not be captured at all.

UMBC Microcredentials emerge as a powerful solution. Unlike vague transcript notations, microcredentials provide a comprehensive representation of the learning experience and the particular competency acquired by earners. They encapsulate rich metadata, offering detailed descriptions of the learning journey, criteria for earning, and the relevance for lifelong learning. Our aim is to empower learners to articulate and showcase the multifaceted competencies they acquire, regardless of where their learning journey may lead them.

These microcredentials serve as more than just badges; they are dynamic representations of engagement, knowledge, skills, mastery, and achievements. Whether earners are embarking on job applications, pursuing graduate or extended studies, or curating a personalized portfolio, UMBC microcredentials provide utility and distinction in whatever path is next.

Ready to explore the world of microcredentials at UMBC? Faculty and staff are invited to reach out to our office to learn more about how we can collaborate to design and implement microcredentials within your programs or experiences. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your curriculum or recognize the achievements of your students, we’re here to support you every step of the way. And, we welcome engagement from external stakeholders who are eager to shape the future of learning recognition. Let’s work together to ensure that our portfolio of microcredentials aligns with the demands of today’s dynamic landscape. Contact us today to start the conversation and unlock the potential of digital credentialing at UMBC.

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